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Our selection of original gifts will make a special and lasting impression. We have a selection of original gifts to record baby’s special moments. Here you will find both the most practical, friendly and original gifts. Delivery in 24-72 hours depending on your location.

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    Teddy Spa Hamper

    Teddy Spa Hamper is the perfect choice as a gift for newborns or to surprise mom-to-be at her baby shower.

    45, 00 €
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    Baby Hamper Tender

    This hamper is an ideal choice as a gift for newborns, it includes all kind of essential items for the baby. 

    79, 00 €
  • Newborn Baby Hamper & Baby Gift Baskets Essential Serenity Baby Gift Basket
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    Essential Serenity Baby Gift Basket

    The Essential Serenity baby gift hamper is the perfect gift to help the newborn snuggle up for a night of sweet dreams. 

    115, 00 €
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    Soft Happy Gift Box

    The Soft Happy Gift Box is the ideal gift, with products that every mom and dad needs for their first months with their baby. It contains a fleece blanket, baby slippers, a bunny baby comforter and a teddy bear in a beautiful, rectangular braided wool box which is perfect for decorating the room.

    55, 00 €
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    Baby Box Tender

    This basket is an ideal gift for newborns, it includes all kinds of essential items for the baby. 

    69, 00 €
    Hugo Boss Baby Pacifier and Bib Set

    A practical and elegant gift brought to you by Hugo Boss. This Hugo Boss pacifier and bib set will certainly be appreciated by the new parents.

    79, 00 €
    Hugo Boss Baby Socks Set

    Hugo Boss socks set with striped patterns and blue tones. An ideal gift for the newest member of the family

    35, 00 €
    Hugo Boss Sippy Cup and Bib Set

    Hugo Boss Baby drinking cup with lid and easy-hold handles makes for a usefull gift with style combined as a set with the practicle Hugo Boss bib. A Hugo Boss sippy cup and bib set is a great quality gift for new parents. If you want to spoil an expecting couple, you can't go wrong with a Hugo Boss sippy cup, along with a Hugo Boss bib. 

    69, 00 €
    Hugo Boss Twin Pacifier Set

    A set of two Hugo Boss pacifiers and a beautiful pacifier cover. A practical and stylish baby gift that new parents will love.

    79, 00 €
  • Customizable
    Baby outfit with teddy bear gift

    Denim lovers, introducing the perfect outfit to go out for a walk with the baby, but watch out for the paparazzi!

    85, 00 €
  • Customizable
    Gift set of baby accessory cases

    This beautiful hamper includes cases for the newborn’s most used accessories: nursery bag, toiletry bag, nappy case, bottle case and lastly, a dummy case. This type of gift is a sure hit due to its originality and great practicality. In addition, you can give it a more original touch by adding embroidery to the nursery bag.

    79, 00 €
  • Customization included.
    Embroidered dressing gown and teddy bear set

    In this wonderful hamper, you can give a dressing gown for baby’s bath time. Babies’ baths are not only for hygiene, but they also help in the newborn’s development. Bath time is one of the moments that mums and dads enjoy the most with their children. Hot water, pampering and caressing help babies’ physical and emotional development, as well increasing...

    95, 00 €
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    Personalised set of bootees, mittens and hat

    The perfect set to keep newborns nice and warm. Presented in our waxed Italian-wood gift box with a soft knitted-cotton outfit, with zero azo dyes, adaptable hat, and bootees and mittens to cover the baby’s little hands and feet.

    25, 00 €
  • Customization included.
    Pack of comforter 2 personalised dummies and dummy clip

    If you’re looking for a hugely personalisable gift for a newborn baby, this pack is the perfect choice. Presented on our lovely personalised tray, with two dummies, a dummy clip to attach to the baby’s clothes and prevent it from falling on the floor or becoming lost, and our cute Big Bunny comforter who will accompany the baby’s sweet dreams and make...

    59, 00 €