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Choosing a gift has never been so much fun! Nappy “cakes” for babies and newborns make special, yet practical gifts. Something that the baby will need, is presented in a playful way. If you want to make it even more special, choose your favourite colour and personalise it with the baby's name. Delivery in 24-72 hours depending on your location.

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  • Buy Best Nappy Cakes Online Chic Nappy Cake
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    Chic Nappy Cake

    Nappy cakes are original and useful gifts that Mum and Dad will love without a doubt..As a parent, you look for the best diapers to help you keep your baby dry, clean, and comfortable therefore we provide only Pampers diapers in our Nappy Cakes.

    89, 00 €
  • Can be personalised
    Motorbike Nappy Cake

    The Motorbike Nappy Cake is the gift that will surprise Dad, whether he likes motorbikes or not…! These motorbike nappy cakes can be personalised and make a useful and original gift, which without a doubt Mum and Dad will love. Purchase a motorbike nappy cake online today.

    99, 00 €
    Happy Nappy Baby Box

    If you are looking for an original and useful gift, this baby box is the perfect gift for Mum, Dad, and the baby – it is filled with basics that they cannot forego and will always be grateful for!

    59, 00 €
    Blanket Nappy Cake

    The Blanket Nappy cake is a practical and original baby shower or newborn baby gift.

    39, 00 €
  • Buy Best Nappy Cakes Online | BebedeParis Baby Products  Candy Nappy Cake
    Candy Nappy Cake

    The Candy Nappy Cake is the perfect baby gift as it is both practical and original and will delight new parents. Perfect for a babyshower gift or a newborn baby gift.

    19, 00 €
    Biscuit Nappy Cake

    A Nappy cake is an original baby gift that parents will love. Ideal for a baby shower or newborn baby gift.  

    39, 00 €
  • Can be personalised
    Sweet nappy cake with customisable muslin

    A very practical gift made up of products that baby will use the most: Nappies and a customisable muslin.

    39, 00 €
  • Can be personalised
    Sweet nappy cake customisable muslin and dummy

    A fun gift for a newborn, with a lovely personalised touch so that everyone knows who the king or queen of the castle is.

    39, 95 €
  • The price includes embroidery
    Nappy cake with personalised dummy case and teddy bear

    Nappy cakes are the perfect gift to celebrate a birth, or for a baby shower. What’s more, the personalised dummy adds a more magical touch to the gift, so everyone knows the baby’s name

    99, 00 €
  • The price includes embroidery
    Embroidered dressing gown muslin and teddy bear set

    A hamper filled with affection, including a teddy bear, a muslin set and a dressing gown embroidered with the baby’s name.

    89, 00 €
  • Can be personalised
    Nappy cake with personalised muslin case and teddy bear

    Nappy cakes are always a surprising and original gift. This nappy cake has a more original touch; you can embroider the baby’s name on it, so that everyone knows who the star of the show is.

    99, 00 €